‘Rings’ circling the charts

By: Tre’Ana King   “Rings” will have the audience spilling their popcorn from fear. A late arrival is not an option when viewing this film. From the start, things are hectic as the plot plays out, and a nervous passenger takes flight. A plane crash leads to the introduction of the two main characters Julia and…… Continue reading ‘Rings’ circling the charts


Behind the scenes of the guys

By: Tre’Ana King    Behind the scenes of the so-called “MacNook guys” is Mr. Mark Miller, worker of SUA for three years, and three year returner, Mr. Tim Schmidt. The MacNook workers attend to nearly 15 students per day, all in need of their assistance. There is much more going on than jus fixing the students…… Continue reading Behind the scenes of the guys


A Legacy To Be Continued

By: Caylah Awls    “St. Ursula, St. Ursula. Our own loved gold and blue.” This alma mater has been sung by many young women since 1854 including four generations of the Niehaus family. As years go by    Julia Niehaus, a freshman, is the current generation of Niehaus’ to attend SUA. She was preceded by…… Continue reading A Legacy To Be Continued


The Attraction to AP Chemistry

By: Caylah Awls    St. Ursula offers a wide variety of AP courses. One course that gets a bad rep is AP Chemistry. In AP Chemistry, we learn about the composition, structure, properties, and change of matter. In essence, we go in depth about all the parts of chemistry most people hated, or will hate,…… Continue reading The Attraction to AP Chemistry


The Reward of Honors Yearbook Design

By: Kyleigh Baird    Taught by Ms. Phoebe Rapp, Honors Yearbook Design provides students with one credit hour, but skills that will last a lifetime. The school classroom environment often dictates that students follow a particular set of guidelines to complete required work. This course, however, allows students the ability to think for themselves in a…… Continue reading The Reward of Honors Yearbook Design